The Mirador de Ses Barques road: a spectacular route

The Mirador de Ses Barques road: a spectacular route

The island of Mallorca is known for its spectacular corners and attractive natural landscapes. This is the main reason why this region receives tourists from all over Spain and, of course, from all corners of the world. Dreamlike coves and beaches, natural caves, mountain and nature landscapes, as well as its impressive viewpoints, among others, are some of the main attractions of this island, without forgetting its incredible historical and artistic heritage.

For this reason, one of the main activities that can be done on the island and that attract the largest number of tourists are the hiking trails. That is, the fact of walking through these mountain areas full of viewpoints in the morning or at sunset is positioned as one of the most attractive plans that you can find on the island thanks to the spectacular scenery it offers visitors.

However, among all these routes, which can be accessed by car, we must highlight the Mirador de Ses Barques road, which allows access to countless hiking trails, as well as allowing visitors access to the most impressive viewpoints of the whole island of Mallorca. For this reason, we are going to explain you how to get to and go along this road and we are going to show you which are the main points of interest that you cannot miss if you are thinking of taking a trip to Mallorca.

How to get to the Mirador de Ses Barques road?

Getting to the Mirador de Ses Barques road is not complicated, although you must take into account that, to get there, you must have a vehicle, such as a motorcycle or, preferably, a car, either your own or a rental car. From the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca, it is about 45 minutes by car. To get there, take the Ma-11 road out of the city and head towards the north of the island, in the middle of the Serra Tramuntana, drive 6.7 kilometers until you reach a traffic circle that allows you to take, at the first exit, the direction towards the Ma-10 road.

This is known as the Mirador de Ses Barques road because, a little further on, you can find this viewpoint, from where you can get a spectacular view of the coast and the port of Sóller. Also, this road extends even further to the north of the island, running on mountain roads, irregular, with many curves and crossing spectacular landscapes and where you can have access to countless viewpoints where you can enjoy dreamlike panoramic views. Also, we must say that this route, the Ma-10, ends in the town of Pollensa.

As you can see, getting there is not too complicated, since, in just 45 minutes from the city of Palma de Mallorca, you can be enjoying the views and one of the most spectacular viewpoints of the island. However, all along the road to the Mirador de Ses Barques you will find a lot of interesting places where you can stop to contemplate the views. Therefore, we are going to name, below, the most important stops that you can not miss.

Sa Capelleta of Santa Maria de l’Olivar

Following the road to the Mirador de Ses Barques, or Ma-10, you will find this small but spectacular modernist style chapel. It is a small temple, surrounded by nature, and built with a clear influence of Gaudí’s architecture. It was built between 1933 and 1944 next to the monastery of the “santuari de Santa Maria de l’Olivar des Fenàs.

We believe it is one of the most worthwhile stops along the route, as it has a spectacular architecture that is worth stopping to contemplate for a few minutes, admiring its shapes and style. We must emphasize that its interior is reminiscent of a natural cave with stalactites, which is striking. In addition, parking is not complicated, since it has parking to leave the car.

Ses Barques viewpoint

The second stop is nothing more and nothing less than the Mirador de Ses Barques. This is a viewpoint that is usually accessed on foot, thanks to the hiking trails that are in the area of the town of Sóller and the port of the same. This viewpoint offers spectacular panoramic views of the port of Sóller, the coast and the entire Serra de Tramuntana.

That is, from there you can see the entire port and the entire coastal landscape. There you will find a restaurant where you can rest a few minutes and taste some of the most typical and exquisite dishes of the island. Undoubtedly, it is a place where it is worth staying to contemplate the scenery and views and one of the best stops you can enjoy along the route.

Viewpoint of l’embassament de Cúber

Following the Ma-10 road northwards, crossing the Serra de Tramuntana, you will reach the Cúber reservoir, in the municipality of Escorca. At this point, you will be able to enjoy the views of the Cúber reservoir and all the nature that surrounds it. Undoubtedly, a point where it is worthwhile to stop the car and park when you can to enjoy the privileged views.

The Cúber reservoir is huge, with an area of more than seven square kilometers, and was completed in 1972. Following the Ma-10 road, you will find a parking lot where, if you feel like it, you can take a short excursion to this natural spot that is well worth enjoying regardless of the season of the year in which you visit the island.

Gorg Blau viewpoint

Very similar are the views that you can see from the Mirador des Gorg Blau and another of the obligatory stops on the route of the Mirador de Ses Barques road. For many people it is the highlight of the entire route, thanks to the beauty of its mountains and this huge enclave. This reservoir is an artificial lake that was created between 1971 and 1972. It is possible to enjoy its views in a very simple way, since the place has several parking lots.

As we have mentioned in the Cuber reservoir, it is advisable to visit it during different times of the year. In this sense, we can say that, for example, in autumn it shows a gray landscape that brings back memories of the painters of Romanticism. On the other hand, in winter, it is easy to find it snowy with a typical winter stamp. On the other hand, in spring and summer you can observe the intense blue color of its waters surrounded by a lively and exuberant nature.

And up to here we find the main viewpoints of this spectacular route. It is true that there are other viewpoints such as, for example, the viewpoint of s’Entreforc, which have stunning views and are highly recommended. However, some of them are not accessible by car, but by bike, so cyclists are the ones who enjoy them the most.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy the views, but without stopping. Also, following the Ma-10 road you will reach Pollensa, in the northernmost part of the island. To finish, we will say that the best thing you can do to be able to enjoy these marvels without any type of problems or restrictions is to rent a car in a trustworthy company, for example, in Autos Mallorca, you will find the best rent a car services to enjoy the best vacations in this island.


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