Routes by car around Majorca: the best spots on the island

Routes by car around Majorca: the best spots on the island

Majorca is a beautiful island enjoyed by a large number of tourists every year. Its endless beaches, charming villages, wonderful gastronomy… You won’t be short of plans and places to discover if you have chosen this destination for your next holiday.

But, have you thought about how you are going to get around, have you already planned your itinerary? Discover with us the advantages of renting a car during your stay and the best routes to discover the most attractive areas of the island.

The advantages of renting a car to enjoy the island

Some people have doubts about whether or not to rent a car during their holidays in Majorca. We want to show you why this is an excellent decision and what advantages it will give you throughout your experience.

Forget about public transport

When you are on holiday you want to forget about timetables, enjoy every moment and be on your own without worries. Having a car at your disposal frees you from the constraints and inflexibility of public transport and saves you from spending time waiting, which you don’t want to do when you’re travelling.

Gain independence

You will gain considerable independence, as you will be able to move where you want and when you want without having to think about anything. In fact, you can return to your accommodation after dark, even if public transport is no longer available. You’re in charge.

Find hidden corners

You will have the opportunity to find hidden corners or make spontaneous trips to the areas that catch your attention. Of course, you’ll also enjoy the routes we’ll show you below, which you’ll only be able to do if you have a vehicle.

Get the most out of your trip

Some of the best destinations, coves and landscapes you will find in Majorca are scattered all over the island. By having a car, you can make the most of the experience by getting to know the best areas in depth, without being limited by lack of transport.

The best routes by car in Majorca

Have you already decided to rent a car in Majorca, do you want to do the most interesting routes around this magical island? We show you some of the best ones so that you can start planning your trip.

Es Trenc – Es Caragol Beach – Ses Salines Lighthouse

The first proposal is for lovers of crystal-clear waters and idyllic beaches. If you are one of those who have travelled to Majorca looking for that picture-postcard landscape, this route is perfect for you. The first destination is Es Trenc beach in the town of Campos: an area with no tourist services and surrounded by pine trees. In any case, you will find a good car park where you can leave your vehicle and a division of three beaches to enjoy yourself to the full. Afterwards, we invite you to go to Es Caragol, an eternal white sandy beach where you will want to get lost. If you want to finish with a better taste in your mouth, end the route by going to the Ses Salines lighthouse for magnificent views.

Deià – Sóller – Sa Calobra

The good thing about this route is that it starts in Cala Deià, so you can get to this destination early and escape the excess of tourists that congregate throughout the day – it’s beautiful! Afterwards, the ideal thing to do is to make a short stop in the village, which has a lot of charm. This is before heading to the next destination, which is Sóller. Here you will be surprised by the valley of oranges that you will find on your arrival and, once you get there, you will discover a great place to go sightseeing and have a coffee. Finally, you will continue on to Sa Calobra, where you will find a spectacle full of cliffs, beaches and all kinds of natural events.

Caves of Artá – Cala Millor

There are wonderful caves on this island that are very famous and filled with tourists. However, the Artá Caves offer us the same splendour without the need to deal with so much overcrowding. It is not a minor visit, as the highest stalactite in Europe can be found here. After this you can rest and breathe fresh air, where to do it? On the beach of Cala Millor. It is located in the context of a protected natural area, has a large extension and shows you a family atmosphere perfect for relaxing.

Route to the rural area of the island

Majorca also has a lot to offer in its rural area, so this route will help you to get to know a different side of the island, to take a break from the beach or to plan a different kind of day. Our suggestion is to visit the most authentic and charming villages, starting with Pina, then Costitx, Maria de la Salut, Ariany and Montuiri. On the way you can also stop in other intermediate villages with beautiful windmills, old buildings or wineries to discover.


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