Cycling routes in Majorca: the best routes to train this season

Cycling routes in Majorca: the best routes to train this season

Travelling to the island of Majorca is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can enjoy during your holidays. It is a place with a wide variety of possibilities for all tastes. For example, it has an enviable artistic and historical heritage, which we recommend visiting, above all, in the cities of Palma and Alcudia. 

It also has beautiful coves and beaches with a paradisiacal appearance that you can enjoy alone, with your partner, with family or friends, as well as incredible viewpoints and villages of such beauty that they are among the best in Spain. However, Mallorca is also a place that is characterised by important tourist routes throughout the length and breadth of the island. 

In fact, although it is necessary to rent a car to visit the island, there are many places that are much better enjoyed on a bike. We are talking about some of the most spectacular viewpoints that can be found in the Tramuntana mountain range, as well as the coasts, lighthouses and hidden beaches. For this reason, if you want to rent a car that includes a bicycle rack, do not hesitate to do so at Autos Mallorca. So, if you want to enjoy the best routes for training this season, pay attention to the following cycling routes in Mallorca. 

Palma – Puerto de Sóller cycling route

This is one of the most attractive cycling routes on the island. To leave Palma you can take the Ma-11 road towards the north of the island, but there are other alternatives. A few kilometres further on, you will come across the Tramuntana mountain range, where you will have the chance to stop and enjoy nature. 

In the area where the Sóller tunnel is located, you will not enter, but you will turn off onto the Ma-11A road, which runs along the outside. This road runs almost parallel to the train route that links the Port of Sóller with Palma de Mallorca. 

When you cross the mountain range heading north, you will come to a valley where the village of Sóller is located. There you can stop to rest and recover your energy, as you will have spent more than an hour since you left Palma. 

If you continue further north, leaving this village along Calle de la Poetisa Francisca Alcover, you can join the Ma-11 road and take the Ma-2124 turning to exit along the Carrer del Camp del Mar to the bay of Puerto de Sóller. Enjoy the views and the main historical monuments before returning. This entire trip will take you approximately three hours. 

Sóller – Gorg Blau cycling route

This is one of the challenge cycling routes in Mallorca that will help you enjoy the most spectacular views, as it will take you past some of the best viewpoints in Mallorca, such as the Ses Barques viewpoint and the viewpoints of the Cúber and Gorg Blau reservoirs. You can also visit some of the most beautiful villages in the Tramuntana mountain range, such as Fornalutx, although in this case you will have to take a detour.

If you want to do this route, you can leave your hire car parked in Sóller and set off by bike along the Ma-2122 road, following the Camí de Ses Moncades and turning onto the Camí de S’ermita until you reach the Ma-10 road. This is the road that crosses the entire Tramuntana mountain range until you reach Pollensa. In this area, you can stop to look at the small chapel of Santa María de l’Olivar, which is small in size and Modernist in style. 

From here, the route is based on following the Ma-10 road until you reach the Cúber and Gorg Blau reservoirs. The route can be completed in little more than 2 hours and you must bear in mind that you will pass through areas with quite a steep slope. However, we believe that the experience is well worth it if you are interested in cycling in Mallorca. If you have any doubts regarding car hire in Mallorca, you can solve your doubts with these frequently asked questions.

Port de Pollensa – Faro de Formentor cycling route

This is a cycling route in Mallorca that starts in the port of Pollensa and ends at the northern end of Cap de Formentor, where there is a lighthouse with a cafeteria where you can stop to get your strength back. The route can be completed in less than an hour and a half, making it shorter than the previous ones and perfect for an incredible experience during your stay on the island. 

However, you will have to go to Puerto de Pollensa in your hired car with a bicycle rack. Once you arrive, you will have to leave it parked to start your way to Cap de Formentor, which has some of the most attractive coastal scenery you will find on the whole island. To get to the lighthouse, take the Ma-2210 road to the Formentor beach area. 

Once there, you will have to take Carrer Zona Formentor and continue a few kilometres until you reach the Mirador de la Cala Figuera viewpoint area. Further on, you will find a viewpoint where you can see the end of the cape, where, at the end, next to the cliff, you will see the Formentor lighthouse. When you get there, we recommend you go into the cafeteria and stop to admire one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Mediterranean. 

Palma de Mallorca – Deyá Cycle Route

Finally, among the challenging cycling routes in Mallorca, the one that links Palma de Mallorca with the marvellous village of Deyá is one of the most spectacular. This is because it allows you to skirt the southern part of the Tramuntana mountain range and enjoy the living nature, a stop in the beautiful village of Valldemossa and the views of the sea and the mountains in Deyá.

To get there, you will have to take the Ma-1110 road heading north until you reach Valldemossa. Here we recommend you stop to relax for a few minutes and even to enjoy its incredible historical and artistic heritage. When you leave this village, you will have to take the Ma-10 road, which will take you along the coastal area, where you can visit the Miramar monastery and Son Marroig. A few kilometres further on, you will come to the village of Deyá, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. It is located between the sea and the mountains and offers views that are, quite simply, spectacular. In short, we can say that the fact that Autos Mallorca cars can carry bike racks, can make your cycling challenge experience in Mallorca much more complete and easier and can be carried out without mishaps.


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